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Literary empowerment is the cornerstone of growth for any community. Readers are leaders and we want to provide great leadership for all communities through reading.

Have you written a short story, a novel, or a collection of poems?

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Global Village Book Publishing is committed to carrying on the legacy of literary empowerment by publishing works of the undiscovered writers of our global community.


We know there is a tremendous wealth of information out there and we want to help you get your book published with a financially feasible program, with the least aggravation.


Let us help you realize your dream of being a published author.


Publishing services include:
- Editing
- ISBN and barcode
- Book design
(color, black & white interior;
black & white or full-color cover)
- Printing

About us

Providing publishing support for authors, speakers, and individuals is what we do at Global Village Book Publishing. We recognize that your story, your life and your legacy must be told and we offer the services that represent what you seek.


Getting started on your journey is easy. Review our website and learn more about how we operate. Contact us with any questions and/or comments you may have regarding the process and you are on your way to being published.


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Quote Notes: 40 Quotes for Successful Living
Self-help book

Aubry Padmore was born in Barbados and grew up as a mute for about three years of his life. While attending high school he became an entrepreneur. Aubry learned that it's not everything you are told in life that matters but quotes remembered (words spoken to you) that can help or hurt you in this adventure called life. Benefit from lessons he has learned from his life experiences. - 30 pages

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